Splat & the Mighty Inkling

Kerry’s marriage dissolves. Her father has a stroke–and he passes through her as he dies the next day. She had predicted this in a dream. Then Grandma dies, the dog dies…and Dad’s ghost is now in the house. In shock and unmoored, she could continue dating like a mad woman to quell the void, but Scotland is calling. With luck and serendipity pushing her along, she embarks for the land of her ancestors and a compelling vision of the perfect mentor there. But then, two weeks in Edinburgh, she find herself pregnant. Shite. Now an irreversible decision is thrust upon her. Can trust be built in the future even as every fear comes true?

Splat and the Mighty Inkling weaves Celtic lore, memories (or lack thereof), ghosts, dreams, European travel and a dizzying amount of ill-advised sex into a tapestry that could expose the almost crippling patterns that hold her back. Truth is deeper than facts, and trust is richer than safety when complete transformation is the only option.