Citrus Craving

CITRUS Orange excuse me I'm not a fellow walking I'm not a two in the morning person. I need to get by. I need an orange. I'm not pregnant. Juicy. Slice slice slice drip, firm oranges torture me at two a.m. Give give me. Hold on. Kitty yawns blink blink Someone called. Yellow yellow lemon… Continue reading Citrus Craving


Where Have All the Poets Gone?

Living your life with great passion seems to be less appealing these days. You describe how passionate your longing for your lover is, and someone will say, “get over it”. The norm these days is just to buck up and be hip, instead of live the depths of your soul. It's as if your feelings… Continue reading Where Have All the Poets Gone?

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Because. I wanted to. Because I tried to prove that I could. Because I had something to offer Because I was unbeatable. Because I was newly divorced. Because I needed something to do. Because my father had died. Because I needed a rest. Because it was about damn time. Because I had turned 41. Because… Continue reading THERE THERE