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Tracing my own thigh under my fingerprints I struggle to pretend it’s your hand, exploring the soft curve over muscle as if you could feel it uniquely. smiles, words heard, words lost, missed follow the digital map of fantasy blip blip blip of lost connections yet full color bravery when we faux-feel in the overt… Continue reading ALL AT ONCE

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Burn Out

The flame that burns out its fuel does not endure to witness the rebirth that springs from the ashes. It has done its part.  Another creature will yield the result; Another life will benefit when the original flame is long mute and exhausted. -kerry e mckenna

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Because. I wanted to. Because I tried to prove that I could. Because I had something to offer Because I was unbeatable. Because I was newly divorced. Because I needed something to do. Because my father had died. Because I needed a rest. Because it was about damn time. Because I had turned 41. Because… Continue reading THERE THERE


Southern Summer

It's time for an oldie and a goodie for today, my friends.  It's terribly hot throughout the United States, and in honor of this, you guessed it, a poem about a hot summer.  Enjoy with your favorite iced beverage or skinny dip. Don't drown your computer, as they tend to fuss. SOUTHERN SUMMER A swelling… Continue reading Southern Summer