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The Day Off: 4am

The Day Off 4am: The smell of burnt toast awakens me. Is Matt drunk-cooking again? Is that a fan I hear down there, still faintly going? Will it be nasty-cold in the kitchen? I make a move to check. First, warm pants. Yesterday’s double black stretchies will do, underwear still in, just as I had… Continue reading The Day Off: 4am


Citrus Craving

CITRUS Orange excuse me I'm not a fellow walking I'm not a two in the morning person. I need to get by. I need an orange. I'm not pregnant. Juicy. Slice slice slice drip, firm oranges torture me at two a.m. Give give me. Hold on. Kitty yawns blink blink Someone called. Yellow yellow lemon… Continue reading Citrus Craving