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Integrated Tears

What is it like to be both the healer, and the one in pain? I'll bet you know.

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Interior Adjustments

But I can’t believe that living space doesn’t matter. I am in a mood to design yet another perfect residence.

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Great Love Affairs

Now that my heart is, at last, broken, I can tell you about him. On rainy days, I would think about my lover, and there was nothing but flight in my heart. I could conjure up the image, and I would begin to feel that I had life in my veins. I could think straight,… Continue reading Great Love Affairs

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From Frozen to Free July 18

If you are in the Los Angeles area in mid-July, I have been formulating this workshop for about six months to unlock people's potential. One participant has to say this in her review:  "Instructor needs to remember she is AMAZING." From Frozen to Free~ Speak Your Body’s Language so you can “Let It Go!” The… Continue reading From Frozen to Free July 18