A Quick Pause for the Blank Page

I have never been one to stare at the blank page for long. I volunteer to go first, to get it over with. But I love the blank page anyway. I like the cleanliness. And I like -if it’s not the same thing- the whiteness. The cream or the bone or the plate. I like… Continue reading A Quick Pause for the Blank Page

Mindset, Writing

A Physical Masterpiece

I will just have to face the fact that my writing discipline has been mitigated by my constant physical discomfort. I have never sat quietly still in productive energy for very long—not to practice the piano or the French horn, nor now to power through my writing. I long for the 6 hour work day,… Continue reading A Physical Masterpiece


Dam the Discipline

I’ve just begun to formulate some discipline around writing.  I’ve been a stream-of-consciousness-essayist until now.  Short bits, finished in one sitting. Oh,  I’ve also been a poet, and I would pour hours over the correct rhythm, the most pleasing rhyme or anti-rhyme.  I’ve been known to edit myself to death as well.  But a thoroughly… Continue reading Dam the Discipline