Author of Lyric non-fiction

Now seeking a Literary Agent for her manuscript, Kerry is quite proud of the hybrid style of her memoir of transformation, To Stalk the Mighty Inkling.   add another page.

New psychic and mystic talents start cropping up when Kerry midwifes her father’s death. To follow the mighty inklings toward these powers, Kerry leaps toward her ultimate passion to live in Scotland, trying to live without fear and find a new mentor. This would be a marvelous adventure, had she not discovered she was pregnant her first week in…To Stalk the Mighty Inkling weaves a dizzying amoung of Men, Celtic lore, dreams, memory and the lack of memory into the quest of one holistic healer toward her next incarnation as “something more”. It begs the question, “can we do our best healing at the exact time we are being wounded?


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