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Building Literary Community in Hard Times — BREVITY’s Nonfiction Blog

Brevity Editor-in-Chief Dinty W. Moore and Social Media Editor Allison K Williams, author of the forthcoming Seven Drafts: Self-Edit Like a Pro, discuss the joys and struggles of virtual literary citizenship and how writers can build community, even via webcam and Zoom account. Tomorrow is the final day for an Early Bird Discount on Rebirth […]Building… Continue reading Building Literary Community in Hard Times — BREVITY’s Nonfiction Blog


Author Reads yet unpublished Manuscript for you!

Look out for my memoir! I'll be reading it to my Patreon supporters in serial for the duration of practical quarrantine. https://www.patreon.com/posts/35044305 Tartan & Other Hereditary Patterns (currently seeking agent) by Kerry E McKenna A month after Kerry's divorce, her father has a stroke and his soul passes right through her as he dies. No… Continue reading Author Reads yet unpublished Manuscript for you!


Here – a poem. No, the title is “Here”. But yeah, here’s a poem.

I am here. This is no small feat. I have worked to get here. I have scratched the backs. I have tricked my mind, twisted the words, made a fool of myself repeatedly. I have even felt like a slave to my own ambition. To have escaped here I have carefully lost my way again… Continue reading Here – a poem. No, the title is “Here”. But yeah, here’s a poem.

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Work Your Read- a 4 class Practicum for effective public readings

4 Week Workshop:  -6:30-9pm Thursdays  Feb 27-March 26  (no class March 12) Public Reading at the end of the course, (date tba)  at School One, 220 University Ave, Prov. Class Tuition $170., Scholarships possible through FrequencyWriters.org click on Register for Current Courses “Work Your Read” is intended to provide both techniques and vital practice in… Continue reading Work Your Read- a 4 class Practicum for effective public readings

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Jots – flying thoughts

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love posits that idea snippets are whizzing through the air for anyone to catch. Someone is bound to write it down! Some examples follow of phrases I collect in my phone notes or in my journal. In case you were wondering what one writer finds interesting about the thoughts… Continue reading Jots – flying thoughts

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Second Annual Song

Check it out!--I'm singing in Hebrew! [Some of you knew this was coming, right?] I signed up for an interfaith tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. a couple of weeks ago--It's an annual chorus/concert brought by [mainly] Temple Emanu-El in Providence [and several other congregations] to celebrate cooperation, faith and the unified message of liberty… Continue reading Second Annual Song


Generation X: They Fucking Forgot My Birthday

Right ON. I am an Xer and I worked at Fast Company the first year it was published. Of course, as a temp. There, I read Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickel and Dimed and was like, YEP. And Time magazine who tried to play like we Xers were a waste of space. The part about getting the rug ripped out from under us. Definitely. My dad had years of job security, and my mom is still living off his forced retirement when it all went to shit. I think becuase we watched the world go from secure, to “a bill of goods” in only a couple decades, we should all just go to wine country and raise a glass to our resilience!! We are Generation Resilience! Let’s coin it.

Happiness and Its Constituents

I am a member of Generation X. I had to look this up recently because I could not remember the name of my generation or if I even belonged to one at all. People my age don’t generally identify as Generation X, but maybe because when the term was first introduced—by boomers—it was as an insult. The idea was that we were slackers. Our best dance move was standing and nodding. We majored in English and art therapy. We read Salinger’s other books. We smoked weed and ate mushrooms. And it was like we didn’t even appreciate it, man. We are the middle children, doing, by all accounts, exactly what we are supposed to be doing with little to no credit.

There has been so much talk recently about how the Boomers are greedy assholes and the Millennials are awesome but super anxious about it, and I was thinking, wait…

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Of Alphabets and Friends

A Proper Privacy - It has always tickled me when books of a certain vintage would abbreviate names and places that the author didn’t need to disclose. I think it was a Victorian convention. Even in fiction, they’d say, “When I met M- on the street, he seemed chipper, which was out of character.” As… Continue reading Of Alphabets and Friends