Author Reads yet unpublished Manuscript for you!

Kerry E McKenna set to read aloud
Look out for my memoir! I’ll be reading it to my Patreon supporters in serial for the duration of practical quarrantine. https://www.patreon.com/posts/35044305

Tartan & Other Hereditary Patterns
(currently seeking agent) by Kerry E McKenna

A month after Kerry’s divorce, her father has a stroke and his soul passes right through her as he dies. No biggie, right? She is a holistic healer after all. Then Grandma dies, the dog dies, and Dad’s ghost is now in the house. Shocked and unmoored, Kerry leaps toward an ever- present need to live in her beloved Scotland. This time to manifest a spiritual mentor, orchestrate a career boost, or at least meet-cute a new man. Luck and serendipity pave the way, but her first week in Edinburgh, she discovers she’s pregnant. Suddenly she feels something else is in charge entirely.

Pushing aside this psychic sense of doom, Kerry plows ahead through shifty roommates, attack swans, heartless border guards, fever dreams and masturbating Spaniards with the clock ticking on a tourist visa. Can she build trust in her own vision, as every lousy new prediction comes true? Tartan & Other Hereditary Patterns is about dismantling old fears to write a new life story. It weaves Celtic lore, ghosts, dreams, European travel and ill-advised sex into a tapestry that tells of the quest for a place to belong and of healing a family line all the way back.

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