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Second Annual Song

Check it out!–I’m singing in Hebrew! [Some of you knew this was coming, right?]
I signed up for an interfaith tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. a couple of weeks ago–It’s an annual chorus/concert brought by [mainly] Temple Emanu-El in Providence [and several other congregations] to celebrate cooperation, faith and the unified message of liberty for all. They’ve called it, “Singing the Dream.” We perform in Providence at Temple E at the end of January.

We get to sing with the award-winning Sing Harlem choir!! Check them out here:
I’m very proud of the group so far. And I am back to sing soprano, with some seriously high notes! Since we have open rehearsals, we could use some baritones,  bass and tenors!

I knew this kind of singing together was important, but when we hear continued news of violence based on anti-faith sentiment, I am even more proud and emboldened by lifting our voices in song. Especially now. 💝

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