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Fascinating Rhythm skyline

Edinburgh from the south looking north over old town.

I’ve finished my 3rd rewrite of my memoir (whose title changes almost daily). It’s time to find a literary agent and also to sort out what illustrations to include and where. My guiding principle will be to only place pictures where they add value to the story. A conundrum is then, the illustrations also need to be optional to the telling of the tale. Because in a Kindle or e-book version, photos may or may not be supported in the same way.

This drawing is just an example sketch of Edinburgh, Scotland for an artist to take over and render for me. I can’t wait to be able to afford to pay the artist for their work! It’s how I think of Edinburgh, higgledy-piggledy. The structure of the memoir is similarly chock-a-block–don’t you just love those words?

North Berwick Beach from Memory

This one is another style, something I can pull off myself. I’m skewing to black and white ink drawings, easy to reproduce and without color or layers. But more to the point of the book style, evocative of a 19th-century travel journal. Something you may find in a vintage book shop. I ca’t wait to unveil this book. So–back to writing my query!

Have a great one! Pick up a pen and sketch something today!

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