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Notified of My Addiction?

I am convinced that notificataions on my phone and laptop are the bane of this tecno existence. They are the poking of a button that reminds directly the addictive release of endorphins to be near. “Hey–pellets available!” – the Pavlovian response. “Hey–do this release. Don’t think.” Deliberation is delayed for immediate cessation of curiosity. An organic rising of requirement or intention to go to the social world circumvented in one bright chirp or synthetic dong, or colored number of messages waiting. “Do this–instead of be in your mind at peace!” Do it now, and give no care to what your rhythm was, just seconds ago.” Bling–“Potential reward awaits!” And we dutifully go, hoping. How often is this chipper expectation soothed with true heart warming? How often with anxiety or agitation?…or worse? -with blank badlands of irrelevance? How can we tolerate a notification of such unworthy odds?


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