Why Stones?

I am in need of reminding that there are worlds outside of the electrical transformer buzz at this apartment in LA.

Ceridwen E McKenna

I will start with the story of how the Stones of Stenness hummed.

I was on my honeymoon in 2005, touring Scotland, which I am always keen on repeating. I have returned to Scotland every chance I got since 1998 when I first flew there and felt its peace. Since my then-husband, Scott, had also been to Edinburgh before, and I had friends there, we ended the tour with that familiar, gorgeous pile of hills, outcroppings and cobble. But that tale can wait. This setting is of the most memorable part of our journey, in Orkney with the standing stones.

Anyone versed in Scotland knows that Orkney contains some impressive stone age settlements and standing stones. The most famous are: Skara Brae, discovered again when a sandstorm uncovered the stone-walled village amazingly preserved; the Ring of Brodgar, one of the most complete circles of stones of its size in the UK standing; a nearby cairn tomb…

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