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From Frozen to Free July 18

If you are in the Los Angeles area in mid-July, I have been formulating this workshop for about six months to unlock people’s potential. One participant has to say this in her review:  “Instructor needs to remember she is AMAZING.”

From Frozen to Free~

Speak Your Body’s Language so you can “Let It Go!”

The body+mind only understands gestures and metaphor for moving or holding stress. Yet we continue to give it commands, like “relax.”

Somehow, we can’t…

Kerry McKenna, Certified Rolfer™ leads you through an easy, effective workshop with Fun methods to help unstick those stuck places using Metaphor and “primal” imagery. Patterns of age and inflexibility melt away! Walk away a more fluid body, mind and heart with easily used imagery and practice reminders.

Change the Story you tell your Body.

Saturday, July 18, 1:00-3pm. Golden Sol Wellness, 4446 Ambrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027; (Los Feliz, East Hollywood) enter through the back door.

$35. ($30 each if you come with a friend!) cash, check or charge

RSVP at Golden Sol Wellness,, Click there to Register and Reserve your spot!

Details: Wear comfy clothing, bring curiosity. Be prepared to interact and enjoy! For detailed information: or Call: 310-359-5064

Who Is It For? – Working stiffs with neck issues! Athletes Stuck in a Rut! Yoginis! Old Aunt Martha with bad knees…

FYI: Rolfing® Structural Integration is a whole body therapy based in myofascial strategies. Hands on Rolfing SI will not be offered in this workshop, but the techniques taught are used by Kerry E McKenna within her sessions to heighten clients’ embodiment of their work.

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