A Few Things About Myself

Some things I’ve learned about myself:

  1. I need to use tea in bags, not balls or sieves, because I hate the swamp of debris you get otherwise.
  2. I like candles over lights.
  3. Having a routine drops me into the lowest possible effort zone. It’s hard to lift myself back out.
  4. I like fruit, yoghurt and espresso for breakfast.
  5. Celtic traditions are closest to my heart.
  6. My resistance is strong; but I am stronger. Barely.
  7. I do better in collaboration with others for “work.” I do fine with play alone.
  8. I like getting up before dawn, but I don’t like to be cold doing it.
  9. In dirty air, I don’t want to breathe; with untasty water, I tend not to drink.
  10. I’m not much of a family gal, but my individuals are indispensible.

Thanks. As you were.

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