Lithic Lyric

I was told to become a Rolfer(TM). I didn’t know I could be a healer of people. I told my Rolfer I “didn’t want to help people.” I thought that was true…but he said you only had to help fix people. That was not true, but it got me to thinking I could be a Rolfer. So it worked. Ten years later, I’m a damn good Rolfer and I love to help people make shifts they need in their body-mind, and I learn new techniques that folk are doing to heal (though rarely on purpose).

A month ago, I embarked on a healing for myself, one that was a culmination of techniques,some that I’ve never heard of. I found the practitioner by accident (fateful), and was drawn in by the idea that her serveral modes of shift could integrate my mind-spirit in ways I needed, to release old, dead weight in my systems. I was right that she could help me.

Then she told me that I would be doing a new set of techniques in healing. “Crystal Gridding” and sound therapies. I don’t know what crystal gridding is, and I wouldn’t know what sound therapies DO. She said I’m already talented at it, which is what my Rolfer said, just from my ability to accept his work.

My recent healer said and I should just play around irishrocksfor a while with crystals and tuning forks, and use my fledgeling techniques on real clients right away. Before I feel competent. Eeeeeeek! Yet, in the last 2 days, I have had 3 spontaneous conversations about crystals and ghosts and geographical cleansing. I’ve met three great Sensitives in the last four days, and acquainted with a healing center nearby I never knew existed.

Yes, the Universe knows what it’s doing. Furthermore, it knows what I’m doing. Even if I don’t. So I got a journal, where I could catalog how my stones work (I’ve had a collection for years), and any feelings that may arise from insecurity or serendipity. This blog entry is functioning to blow the whistle on my own beginning. Thanks for reading.

If you know anything about crystal grid therapies, or sound healing therapies, please comment–I’m open to discussion about all of it! I may say, “huh?”- in response to some terminologies. But I’m willing to learn.

I should say something appropriately new-agey in my sign off, but I shy from that stuff,

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