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Solitairey Life

What Playing Solitaire Teaches Me about Life:


  1.  Every new game feels like I could win.
  2. I can come up with an elaborate plan, but it won’t bring victory any more than the odds allow. The only way to play is to pay attention.
  3. If nothing shows as obvious, start flipping cards over.
  4. It’s what I can’t see that needs revealing.
  5. If I didn’t catch something, I may get a chance the next turnover. I may not. I am not guaranteed the chance, but it doesn’t mean I’d win either way.
  6. Kings without a queen, they just take up space. Same for queen without Jack, Jack without 10, on down the line. Every one is important.
  7.  If I have a choice between two kings to use, I will not know if it was the right one. I go with a choice, and move on.
  8. Sometimes I have to pull something off the “done” pile to advance the game.
  9. I may be praying for that seven of diamonds to show up, but something else more perfect may instead. Too much focus on “need,” and I could miss what’s turning up.
  10. Sometimes looking away from the game, I see something new when I come back.
  11. I win games with no aces showing at first, I lose games with all aces showing. I cannot predict.
  12. Winning every game is impossible, so it’s best to ignore the score, only paying attention to my improvement and enjoyment.
  13. I can play until I win—I’m bound to win one…but I can’t stop there….
  14. Believing I can win may not make me win more, but it’s more fun to believe!
  15. Winning is not the point.

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