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Morning wishing away time sprawling
longing tartan pipes rising ghostly cold
glens at thirty thousand feet

remedies running late want ad text frozen lips
canned food a stiff two blocks away
drawn ruddy by foreign language
as any Oscar-winning film

Coffee cures the need quite nicely
my last dollar ten

Awaiting a new flame rescue
teased just so in ponderous
root-laden midwestern thoughts eyes down
on an oil stained sidewalk
new girders
cold drops spaced just so
fat on concrete
splat stopped and soaked in
disappeared from whole river metal
to hit my hair again
striving away finally
limp leaves turned from useless
infertile weather to surety.

Fly, dreams! Dip to concentrate where–
nimble white framed life’s vacation–
Delivers startled, vivid confusion
only sleep adapted rendering
cageless instinct drives the new clan closer
Else my under ripe restraint
again ephemeral window to peek fleeting without
east an arrow of rib bone pointing

All fantasy ritual brothers
just older, prouder, sadder-but-wiser
another dollar wish a thousand wet excuses away.

-kerry mckenna


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