Kerry E McKenna, Author

Each morning with real pen and paper, Kerry tumbles with humor from poetry and flash fiction to essays and lyric non-fiction. She is sensitive to nature and the the energy of meaning (beyond words), and focuses on moments of discovery, and the ancient knowing underneath.

Kerry is seeking an agent for her first book, Tartan and Other Hereditary Patterns. This hybrid memoir weaves Celtic lore, ghosts and dreams, holistic health, Europe and ill-advised sex into a misadventure–a quest to find a new mentor and a perfect Place. Her poetry has been published in three anthologies, and one short story is soon to be published by Frequency Writers in Providence. Kerry has published articles about Rolfing(R) Structural Integration in Massage Magazine, Journal of Structural Integration and Natural Awakenings. Tartan & OHP is her first full length manuscript. Her next book is in the works about shamanic training with PTSD in Los Angeles. Then and There- a vintage travel podcast is in development now, offering travel narrative from the 1600-1900s read aloud, with snippets of interviews on related topics.

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Kerry E McKenna The origin story

It all started on a small farm in lower Michigan where Kerry wrote poetry, played French horn and piano, and frolicked outdoors dangerously. From this delightful chaos, she developed into an actor/improvisor through college and theatre life in Chicago. Adventures ensued–quirky improv or stunt fighting and larger-than-life puppets, travel to Amsterdam, Edinburgh, the Orkneys, Denmark–in places with rich, past-life memories. She is happiest when learning languages and has dabbled in German, French, and singing Disney songs in Dutch. As ever, Kerry keeps her favorite fountain pen moving.

Becoming a Certified Rolfer(tm) in 2005 was her own Rolfer’s idea. Since then, Kerry has reorganized the tensional structure of bodies and written about the work in her holistic healing blog ( Later in Los Angeles, Kerry sought shamanic training to shape her re-emerging psychic ability, which led directly to “getting the heck out of LA” and choosing Providence, Rhode Island, where rooting and growing entwine peaceably.

Stick a fork in the road–I think I’m done.



2 thoughts on “Kerry E McKenna, Author”

  1. Hi, Kerry. Interesting read here on your site. I started my publishing career in Ann Arbor; grew up in northern Wisconsin. I knew there was something wonderfully comfortable about the experience of sitting next to each other this afternoon at What Cheer. I think you have m y card, but I’ll fill in the fields below.

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