Kerry E McKenna, Author of Lyric Non-Fiction

Beginning each morning with real pen and paper, Kerry tumbles gleefully from poetry, comedy and articles, to flash fiction, storytelling, and lyric essay. Sensitive to nature and the the energy of meaning (beyond words), Kerry focuses on moments of discovery, and innate empowerment.

Kerry’s first memoir, Splat & the Mighty Inkling, weaves Celtic lore, ghosts, dreams, European travel and a dizzying amount of ill-advised sex into a tapestry of misadventures in an attempt to redirect her career in healing. A week into her move to her beloved Scotland, a surprise pregnanacy unmasks the paralyzing patterns of fear that can steer the ship, even through the stupid courage. This quest takes on the form of one of the psychic readings she’s always getting, which calls for reassembling the pieces to recognize the prophecy. A warning or a triumph? Only complete shapeshifting can lead her back to her own truths and power to heal herself.
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I have been a musician (French horn and piano), a performer (dance, stage combat, cabaret and song), and a Certified Rolfer(TM). As such, I zoom telephoto on my passions–namely: energy, body and soul, and where they intersect at a moment of Truth. Meeting people through travel leads me to great adventure! My favorite adventures are so far, quirky theater productions with stunt fighting and larger-than-life puppets, travel to Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Orkneys and Denmark, scenes of a hundred past-life memories. I am happy when learning languages, beginning German, French, Dutch, and only “frog” in Polish (żaba).

From the small farm in lower Michigan, I launched straight to ‘the big city’ of Chicago for college at DePaul University on both French Horn performance and academic scholarships. Then I sought out a particular instructor at UMass Amherst where I designed my own major in writing for the performing arts. Never did get his class…turns out he was the wrong John Wideman anyway. Then back to Chicago to train in improvisation at The Second City and finish my BA at Columbia College Chicago.

Becoming a Certified Rolfer(tm) was my Rolfer’s idea. First, I received the body work for my own postural pains, and ten years later, became a practitioner in Atlanta and Chattanooga. Now for 13 years, I have worked with human sinew, reorganizing the tensional structure of bodies. Oh, and part of that was in Hollywood, California. It was in L.A. that I deepened quantum mystical training to unlock my psychic-ness, which I offer as Metaphoric Healing. I now reside in Providence Rhode Island, adding a course in Druid training.

With a brother and sister on the west coast, a mother in the Southern US, friends stretched around the globe, I can’t wait to get out on book tours! Articles on holistic health, energy concepts, crystal and metaphoric healing are the purview of my professional blog at

I also offer classes now in reading for the author. Called “Read Your Work/Work your Read”, this practicum uses a multi week format to apply accessible acting techniques to dynamic readings. A juicy reading connects with audiences and thereby sells more in-store and at conferences.


2 thoughts on “Kerry E McKenna, Author of Lyric Non-Fiction”

  1. Hi, Kerry. Interesting read here on your site. I started my publishing career in Ann Arbor; grew up in northern Wisconsin. I knew there was something wonderfully comfortable about the experience of sitting next to each other this afternoon at What Cheer. I think you have m y card, but I’ll fill in the fields below.

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